When you lease a car with proportional registration duty (flex leasing), you pay tax in monthly instalments instead of paying the full registration tax on purchase of the car. The tax per month on a new car is 2% for the first three months, 1% when the car is between three and 36 months old, and ½% once the car is more than 36 months old. These are percentages of the full registration tax. In addition, the Danish tax authorities (SKAT) calculate an interest rate premium based on the remaining tax. The percentage of the interest is defined by the Danish tax authorities once every six months.

Who benefits from flex leasing?

Flex leasing is particularly suitable for very expensive cars, seasonal cars – for instance, if you drive a sports car in the summer and a four-wheel drive in the winter – and lessees who put a lot of miles on the clock. When we, as a leasing company, finance a car with flex leasing, we make the car available to you for an agreed length of time. We then pay a proportional registration duty to the Danish tax authorities for the agreed leasing period.

When is it worth leasing?

There are several factors that determine whether flex leasing is worth it. For instance, the type of vehicle, driving requirements, financing requirements, insurance and the frequency with which you change your car all play a role. However, due to the fact that the purchase price is without tax, you will always be ensured a lower basis for calculating interest and lower depreciation compared to cars for which the full registration tax has been paid.

The perfect car with the perfect financing model

As a rule of thumb, capital tie-up is typically only 20-30% of that of a vehicle with full Danish registration tax. Selected Car Leasing can help you determine whether flex leasing meets your needs and requirements. On the basis of your wishes, Selected Car Leasing will use its international network to find the perfect car for you. We will then prepare an offer for you based on the specific car. Once you have accepted the offer, we will arrange for the car to be transported to Denmark, approved by the vehicle inspectorate, cleared through customs and prepared, before it is delivered to you.

What happens when the leasing period expires?

When the leasing period expires, you can renew the leasing contract, specify another buyer or let Selected Car Leasing sell the car for you.


In the case of split leasing, costs are ‘split’ between private and business-related mileage. The principle is quite simple: for example, if 75% of your mileage is business-related and 25% private, 75% of the expenses related to the car will be invoiced to your company and the remaining 25% to you personally.

Who benefits from split leasing?

In principle, more than 60% of your mileage must be business-related before split leasing is worth it. If your business-related mileage is less than 60%, we recommend commercial or private leasing with proportional registration duty (the flex leasing model). If you are self-employed, split leasing is a particularly favourable solution, since your own company saves on the cost of private mileage and you save on tax.

Advantages of split leasing

There are two main advantages to splitting your leasing contract in two:

  • You won’t be taxed for a company car but will merely receive an invoice for a percentage of the car’s expenses.
  • The company also saves money. If 75% of your mileage is business-related and 25% private, your company will save 25% compared to ordinary commercial leasing.

In addition to these advantages, you will also have the benefits of flex leasing or seasonal leasing.


Find your dream car

Describe your dream car and, after thorough research, we’ll find you the best example on the market.

Attractive offers

Based on your requests and driving requirements, we will tailor an attractive offer to your needs.

Favourable agreement

Following your credit approval, we will enter into a leasing agreement on exceedingly favourable terms.

More driving pleasure

You drive the car of your dreams for however long you want, and with the flexibility you need.


We might already have your dream car in our lot. If not, you can describe it and we will search the market for you immediately – both in Denmark and abroad. In a very short time, we will be able to introduce you to the best example around.